2010 hopes and fears

Lovely sunny but freezing cold day in Glasgow as we awake to a new year and second decade of this century.  Optimism does not seem to come up readily after watching the news.

First Obamarama great peace hope, – who should never have got the Nobel Peace Prize – has reverted to his predecessors tactics and more war is inevitable worldwide with Iran who may be thumped next – egged on by his ‘moral friemd’ in the middle east.  It seems imaginatory threats, like comic books, are used to justify any old war – hey ho what will they do with all the wmd’s they keep making and new ones suppose they do need to test it on someone no matter who.  Not a good enough excuse.

The Egyptians are beating up the peace activists who are trying to help those poor people in Gaza under an illegal seige by the ‘only democratic country in the middle east’ who has the only ‘moral army in the world’. We no longer buy anythng made in Egypt.  Where does morality come into killing!  Oh I forgot ‘they throw firecrackers at usand we have to destroy them with our advanced weapons’ but at the same time not admitting to the fact that this is retaliation for all the daily incursions with their advanced weapons that daily kill innocents (what is that?).  A bit like my neighbour who continually throws over his dog to do his business in our garden until we can’t stand the mess anymore so we throw back his dogs droppings and he sends in even more artillery because we could not take it anymore and retaliated for the unfairness of it.  And the authorities can do nothing as their hands are tied cos the neighbour is a ‘great and only sincere friend who has been hurt in the past’.  A bit like a boy i used to know whose mother died young so he had everything to compensate and was so spoilt that what he did even when wrong was always right cos they felt so sorry and bad about him.  Until i came along and treated him the same way as the children with no differences and did not accept the same stance as others.  The child who has now grown up thanked me a few years ago for what i did even though it had been painful for him at the time.  He is now a really nice young man.

We are in the 21st century and guess what there are people who are being isolated behind walled areas.  Where is our sense of justice ?  Governments worldwide should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen or is it secretly because they hope that they can do it themselves and are devising ways of doing it?  We do not seem to be going forward but backwards in our democratic thinking and as people we are so well taken care of with so little woes that the fate of others does not seem to penetrate as long as the latest gadgets are inhouse to play with etc.  That is a sad state of affairs indeed.  yet there are still a few who know and understand but unfortunately there are so few but these voices are slowly growing.

Pakistan has had a huge bombing – funny how after two countries have been destablised and destroyed a third one is next on the line as they are a threat to other countries – phantom raspberry blower.  Blackwater doing the dirty deed again or should we call them under their new name XE Services.

Borders here in Glasgow has now closed it was one of the few book stores that was profitable it is a great demise as i really liked the store as it was so comfortable and had such a diverse book selection.  Now we have a monopoly and their store has always been uncomfortable not the same at all.  I really hope that it is taken by a store that we do not already have in town to give us all a change from the same crap.  Competition is good not the same item packaged in various labels and prices in every store – gets very weary and who wants to be seen dressed as the granny next door!

Received an email from mysql which i think is a great open source database and so signed their petition.  By signing the petition at http://www.helpmysql.org you can help affect the future of MySQL as an Open Source database.

Today is Tunnocks teacakes birthday it is 120 years old – Happy Birthday Tunnocks.

This year we will have a general election – personally we will be voting Liberal Democrats – why cos Labour are tainted with an illegal war and they sold our gold, conservatives are just another name for labour and cameron is truly slimy and i like the economist chappie in liberal democrats who so far has made sense and it is time for something new even if they do not have any experience sometimes that can be to the advantage of us the brits.  Now if it was a scottish election then we will definitely vote SNP.

Am off to a funeral as my uncle died this morning – may he rest in peace.

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