that cad cameron, ethnic cleansing of palestine in the 21st Century

rainy glasgow again – but the cucumbers are growing and the black chilli peppers are doing well too. hope it gets sunnier soon and for a few weeks or the watermelon will not grow – they are still titchy, Squash this year was great and guess what the chickpeas grew and were lovely. though feel […]

freedom flotilla - fear and loathing on the high seas

Nick Clegg put your power to where you mouth is and do action – you said you cared about gaza well where are you now? The British people should always come first no matter what. […]

dodgy elections

so one day and still no new government though looks like cameron could get in by using the lib dems, who are silly to accept any kind of coalition with them but stranger bedfellows have cooperated before. Heard that in one polling station that students were put into a separate line than others – sounds […]

war or peace obama, what snow is going to by pass us? vince cable for chancellor

wee vince cable from the lib-dems – he knows his business and would make a good chancellor but the problem is that most people will vote for conservatives rather than lib-dems. But they should consider this – they have had conservatives before labour and both were unpopuar. SNP who had not experience and the Welsh have not done that bad for their countries so why not let in someone totally new to run the country – a breath of fresh air and dear old vince cable economist extraordinaire. […]

painful anatomy, hadrian's wall, secret love letters

Volunteers are being sought for Hadrian’s Wall, built by the Romans hundreds of years ago and still going strong compared to the buildings nowadays which only last 15 years then dilapidate. The intention is to get 500 volunteers who will each switch on a wee point of light which will be set every 250 metres on the 84 mile stretch of wall on 13 March 2010. […]