A Fathers Letter to Obama – Snowden

Today it has been raining off and on and we picked more raspberries today gave them to friends and garden is looking very lush and green from all the rain. Let’s hope that the sun and heat start coming back quickly and noticed that my onions are growing quite nicely today woohoo.

Have decided to […]

trains, banks, light knots, jack straw

This is like an inventors dream – phsyicists in London have learnt how to tie light in knots – a feat that is truly remarkable. Not only that but it was led by someone from glasgow uni. Can you imagine all applications that can be used and invented and created because of this? […]

war or peace obama, what snow is going to by pass us? vince cable for chancellor

wee vince cable from the lib-dems – he knows his business and would make a good chancellor but the problem is that most people will vote for conservatives rather than lib-dems. But they should consider this – they have had conservatives before labour and both were unpopuar. SNP who had not experience and the Welsh have not done that bad for their countries so why not let in someone totally new to run the country – a breath of fresh air and dear old vince cable economist extraordinaire. […]

2010 hopes and fears

Lovely sunny but freezing cold day in Glasgow as we awake to a new year and second decade of this century. Optimism does not seem to come up readily after watching the news. […]