it was bloefeld, serial violator

Feels like spring the sun was shining and it was lovely and warm though some would say cold. Repaired a neighbours laptop and did a lot of gardening – warm enough to plant potatos so planted some in a large tub.

Well seems it is de rigeur that anybody who is anybody must be present […]

painful anatomy, hadrian's wall, secret love letters

Volunteers are being sought for Hadrian’s Wall, built by the Romans hundreds of years ago and still going strong compared to the buildings nowadays which only last 15 years then dilapidate. The intention is to get 500 volunteers who will each switch on a wee point of light which will be set every 250 metres on the 84 mile stretch of wall on 13 March 2010. […]

a thief called Blair

The snow is almost thawed and the temperature was a hot 2 degrees – woo hoo – but rain though there is supposed to be flurries of snow tonight.

Well here is a little known fact – Westminster stole 6,000 miles of Scottish sea border – they were laying the territory for any future oil […]

dentists, handbags and an old bill

So what’s hot in glasgow just now – Mulberry’s new handbag ‘Alexa’ is in such great demand that it has a waiting list of 50 would be baggers and the price – between £695-£985 depending on the colour/model. […]

2010 hopes and fears

Lovely sunny but freezing cold day in Glasgow as we awake to a new year and second decade of this century. Optimism does not seem to come up readily after watching the news. […]