demise of an old fox or just gone away for a wee while til hoohaa dies ooot?

Not only that but his friend has been lobbying for the Israeli’s where ever Fox went as the friend was funded by a corporate intelligence company(G3 Good Governance Group) and the chairman of an Israeli lobbying organisation Bicom all under the guise of a company called Pagav Ltd which was set up as a not for profit company! Sure doesn’t seem that way as Liam’s wee friend sure profited out of it to pay for all his trips. […]

cad cameron shuts down press tv – smacks of war coming our way

Not only that but Cad Cameron and his crony conservatives have shut down Press TV smacks of war on its way to a British soldier near you (no more of our troops should be sent to an illegal war) this time in a far far away country called Iran, but remember the conservatives did vote to go to war to Iraq in its entirety. […]

that cad cameron, ethnic cleansing of palestine in the 21st Century

rainy glasgow again – but the cucumbers are growing and the black chilli peppers are doing well too. hope it gets sunnier soon and for a few weeks or the watermelon will not grow – they are still titchy, Squash this year was great and guess what the chickpeas grew and were lovely. though feel […]

dodgy elections

so one day and still no new government though looks like cameron could get in by using the lib dems, who are silly to accept any kind of coalition with them but stranger bedfellows have cooperated before. Heard that in one polling station that students were put into a separate line than others – sounds […]

dentists, handbags and an old bill

So what’s hot in glasgow just now – Mulberry’s new handbag ‘Alexa’ is in such great demand that it has a waiting list of 50 would be baggers and the price – between £695-£985 depending on the colour/model. […]