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they are scrapping the glasgow to kings cross trains – how crap it means we have to go to edinburgh what a farce.  Gosh the fog in glasgow this evening is thicker than a good old fashioned scotch broth.  The centre had nothing until we left it and the south side is hidden.

Obama’s banking news is certainly interesting – time someone took a tough stance against these shysters.  Let’s hope he can get it through before they rally and hoodwink the world how sad and poor they are and how much good erm should we not say bad they have done.  time banks were banks again for the people not them.  good on you obama keep it up. Now what about the mideast – reality not fairy land.

sad news for me business is down.

This is like an inventors dream – phsyicists in London have learnt how to tie light in knots – a feat that is truly remarkable.   Not only that but it was led by someone from glasgow uni.   Can you imagine all applications that can be used and invented and created because of this?  Excerpt – “In a light beam, the flow of light through space is similar to water flowing in a river. Although it often flows in a straight line — out of a torch, laser pointer, etc — light can also flow in whirls and eddies, forming lines in space called ’optical vortices’.  Along these lines, or optical vortices, the intensity of the light is zero (black). The light all around us is filled with these dark lines, even though we can’t see them.  Optical vortices can be created with holograms which direct the flow of light. In this work, the team designed holograms using knot theory – a branch of abstract mathematics inspired by knots that occur in shoelaces and rope.  Using these specially designed holograms they were able to create knots in optical vortices. This new research demonstrates a physical application for a branch of mathematics previously considered completely abstract, says a University of Bristol release.  The sophisticated hologram design required for the experimental demonstration of the knotted light shows advanced optical control, which undoubtedly can be used in future laser devices.”

Ah Jack Straw – did not write about his chilcot inquity yesterday as needed to digest his long pauses – and what was the verdict – he is still a war criminal.  why cos even though he said he did not want to go to war he did vote to go to war.  he would have been credible if he had like robin cook resigned and voted against the war.

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