rise of islamophobia – a shameful period in our history

Glasgow is freezing – town was so crowded and the queues so long. Good for the shops though. If todays anything to go by tomorrow town will be even busier. The Christmas lights on Buchanan street look really nice. The weather woman said today that Boxing Day will be snowy here just missing a White […]

foolish or not? lying bankers again on chip and pins, sir walter scott grant, racists

well was nicola sturgeon foolish when she helped that man who turned out to be a conman? personally i dont care cos i like snp and nicola sturgeon and why cos she was doing her duty as a councillor helping her constitutents and to me that is more important and real and honest than all those others who once elected only do it for their own political gain rather than helping those who voted for them or who are in their constituency. […]

snow, new virology centre, racism

it should be glasgow the dear white place – it is all white here but supposed to be gone by morning cos of rain later on tonight. Went to see my accountant today and signed off the accounts.

the medical research council will be investing £28m in virology research – this will fund a new […]