snow forecast hurray – cablegate and Qatar – more killings in Gaza and West Bank

Well just when one thought that the snow was gone guess what it will be back hurray hurray – only problem is that the frozen compacted snow is still there ah well with the soft stuff should make it ok to walk methinks, not sure. Did not venture out today but hope the car will […]

largest convoy of ships and vehicles on way to break illegal gaza blockade

Well the largest convoy so far by road left the UK yesterday on its way to Gaza where it will be joined enroute by other vehicles and meet up with a convoy from Qatar and Morocco. Plus the largest fleet of ships about 60 are on their way to Gaza […]

who do they work for? high speed rail link

as usual we are being left behind for the high speed rail link – being so far away from the south of england and for going to paris or brussels you would think that this would be one of the places for priority high speed rail links. Means commuting to London and back in a […]