glasgow smiles better – world cup a go-go

aye with all that lovely sunshine we have been having over the last few days lots of smiles on everyone’s faces though 26 degrees is hot the last two days but great for the garden. A few slugs kind of got baked in the sun i noticed at least the garden gets some much needed […]

The Syrian Patsy to teach another country a lesson – how machiavellian – an immune bush or two

It’s cold today in Glasgow and raining let’s hope the weather improves and we get warmer weather at least until mid-October so my bottle pumpkins can grow before the cold and frost start biting. End of next month will plant my garlic, leeks. onions and spring onions and maybe broad beans. The broad beans i […]

those pesky syrian rebels – egypt a go-go – security lapses

Well Glasgow is cloudy today supposed to be sunny and warm let’s see. Put the last of the chicken poo, can be bought at b&q in a large bucket on the courgettes and will need to find a good source of horse manure for the veggie patch to put over the winter so it is […]

Egypt in cold blood sniper sniper – hatred out at the wrong outlet

Glasgow is awash with heavy rain today and some sunshine, garden gave us over three kilos of raspberries and a few courgettes yummy.

What is happening in Egypt is so tragic and sad. All the pent up hatred that the Egyptians have within them from the terrible and evil times of Mubarak and his henchmen, […]

A Fathers Letter to Obama – Snowden

Today it has been raining off and on and we picked more raspberries today gave them to friends and garden is looking very lush and green from all the rain. Let’s hope that the sun and heat start coming back quickly and noticed that my onions are growing quite nicely today woohoo.

Have decided to […]