glasgow smiles better – world cup a go-go

aye with all that lovely sunshine we have been having over the last few days lots of smiles on everyone’s faces though 26 degrees is hot the last two days but great for the garden.  A few slugs kind of got baked in the sun i noticed at least the garden gets some much needed heat and sunshine.

Good to see the world cup what a shockeroony Spain is not doing good just watching them against chile just now – and they are losing so if they lose then they are out of the world cup  the reigning world champions yikes.

On another note about football Israeli soldiers deliberately shot two palestinian footballers on their feet so that they will never play football again – is that not sick?  Sickeningly disgusting. They have bombed Gaza looking for the missing israeli teenages and arrested over 200 palestinians and so much hoo haa yet when Palestinian teenagers are kidnapped by Israel nothing is on the news and no hoo haa at all just complete slience by the media.

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