freedom flotilla - fear and loathing on the high seas

The freedom flotilla is expecting a raid by the israeli’s at dawn who have said if they do not obey they will be forced to ashdod.  Not only that but today they have illegally caused a 68 mile blocked zone.

If Israel does not occupy Gaza then why do they decide what goes in and out of Gaza?

Where are the world powers?  nowhere of course.    too busy ducksucking their democratic moral country of course.  Seems only the ordinary people can now help and will keep on helping until this illegal seige is over.

– Nick Clegg put your power to where you mouth is and do action – you said you cared about gaza well where are you now?  The British people should always come first no matter what.

– BBC where is your we are ethical – news no matter where is news – so how come there is no report on Gaza and don’t give your normal – we have to be on the otherside too to report – yeah crap – how come we dont see that in other places?

Just watched a programme on al jazeera and there was an israeli from tel aviv who said that Hamas was the occupyng force !!  And the propoganda machine wow they sure are well indoctrinated do you think they use some kind of embedded chip so that they all say the same thing no matter who they are?

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