tax relief

apparently offshore companies who find gas off our shores will receive tax relief according to ‘darling’ to encourage more drilling to the west of the Shetlands.

london will be in lockdown for two days because of anti-war demonstrations let’s hope that the police do not kill anyone nor lock people in underground tunnesl and beat […]

we're out of recession? legal or not?

so where is hans blitz – why has he not been called to the chilcot enquiry? Truth too hard to bear methinks? Of course Conservatives dont want it why cos they voted for war neither do labour cos they voted for war and went into it wholeheartedly. […]

neeps and tatties, cheap windows 7

burns night of course means – veggie haggis (not the animal stuff yeuch) and neeps and tatties – yummy and the old special wee timirous beastie. […]


spent the whole day at the SECC Scottish food and trade fair – really great show this year much better than last year’s. There was a buzz and found some really interesting items for the gift store. This is the only large major trade fair here as we cannot always get down to manchester or birmingham or earl’s court in london to attend. Too far to drive and too tiring after spending a whole day walking and talking and browsing non-stop. Came home exhausted […]

honest brokers

theme today is honest brokers why – well a businessman has been arrested cos he sold false bomb finding equipment to Iraq? because of him our troops die trying to unfuse the bombs what a bad man. Then the other is Egypt. Are they really an honest broker between the Palestinians and Israel? here are some facts: […]