honest brokers

Still foggy this morning – hope it clears up soon as the garden needs to be taken care of.

Can you believe it – we are on high alert as the mfi people say we should be vigilant and that we may be under attack soon – the home secretary came out with it on tv.  Hope nothing happens – let’s hope the mfi people are wrong. though i wonder if it is another one of those falsies that our ex democratic dictator used to have to scare us the ‘stupid public who know no better’ cos of the chilcott enquiry?

theme today is honest brokers why – well a businessman has been arrested cos he sold false bomb finding equipment to Iraq? because of him our troops die trying to unfuse the bombs what a bad man.  Then the other is Egypt.  Are they really an honest broker between the Palestinians and Israel?  here are some facts:

Egypt – mubarak – a dictator under any other name – who is getting his son ready for continuing the regime.

Egypt – aid – they get about $1.8bn of aid from the States- so to keep the aid they will do anything like buy arms and help the Israeli’s in their evil game as they are the best friend fo the States to the deterrent of the country.  The country is run down and the people poor.  That money could have been used for the good of the people, roads and buildings could have been repaired and this would have created jobs and had the added effect of the present regime being slightly more liked.  But instead the regime pays their henchmen and arms and where is the rest of the money going?

Egypt – wall – building a wall round gaza – why cos they were asked to by their ‘willy’  and they get aid so are the beck and call of their masters.  So it means that no aid or food or anything goes into gaza – aiding and abetting to kill over one million people isslow  genocide by any other name.

Egypt – over 1.5million brutal police amongst the population to make them scared and stop them from doing anything – they rape, arrest, murder to put fear into the population

Egypt – has helped to divide the palestinians by condemning hamas always and backing fatah thus stopping the factions from getting together and working for the good of their people.  This not only angers many but also draws more and more palestinians towards hamas as they are seen more as honest brokers than the corrupt fatah.

usa – definitely not they ar** lick the israeli’s and treat them like a spoilt child giving them everything and not seeing the lies – just like a bad parent does to it’s child.  but remember the american government has been outsourced to the israelis.

uk – no because of blair – the foreign office was more but since our ex democratic dictator took the stance of his ‘willy’ bush that is a shame as we could have gone a long way in being honest and respected.  instead of always being considered honest and respected that image was tarnished by blair and until we actually do not take any sides and be honest at what is happening then the tarnished image will continue.  or maybe it was just an image and the eDD just brought it out to the open?

Europe – erm no – why cos they are still reeling from Hitler’s regime so they will continue spoiling their child.

arab states – no cos they are weak, have no gumption and have been spoilt by money so much that the corruption has made them see and do wrong things.

so who can be an honest broker:

turkey – they did run jerusalem before and all the religions – muslims, christians and jews lived there in peace together.  actually when the muslims ruled there was peace amongst them.

china – not sure?

russia – dont know?

south africa – yes as they are under an apartheid regime before so they know the problems from the inside out.

malaysia – in principle yes but not sure that they can

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