the 'noughties' eulogy

one more day and we leave behind a very turbulent decade of illegal wars, ‘your with us or against us’, earthquakes, tsunamis, landings on mars, yes there is water on the moon, iran, and instability in middle east and asia. I pray that the next one is peaceful and enlightened. The Decade of imagined threats which resulted in strike first before it even happens or is even thought about! and guess what the snowball effect occurred and jihadis worldwide were born and radicalised.  We do not live in a comic book world but it was unleashed by morons and now how to get out of it – by peace talks of course not more comic books.

A quick look back at a few remembered highlights in no particular order of month but year is about right:

2000 – Started of with the opening of the Millenium Dome in London to great fanfare and then fizzled out after a spectacular failed heist.  Putin unleashed. Worldwide hysteria had alerted the world of doom – at the turn of the century our pcs would all die so millions if not billions were invested in to stop the meltdown of our new electronic lives – made someone money. dot com bust – remember the herald of the dot com boom then in 2000 it bust – the year i returned from brussels.   The ‘i love you virus’  spread it’s special love on lonely pcs worldwide.  Bush, the warmonger, became president not at all like daddy Bush in any way – start of the ‘black / white ‘ era and no shades of grey in between.   Talking about eras it was the end of Concorde after it’s spectacular crash in Paris that year.  Where is the innovation in flight now?  First Tuesday was great while it last it had a lot of good people in it wonder what happened to them and now is no more – probably one of the reasons why i go to Scotland in Business as i missed all the knowledge it imparted to those who asked – i pray this group is as successful and lasts through the ages.

2001 – dilution of the kyoto protocol – precursor of copenhagen 09.  Musharaf became leader of pakistan and started his policy of selling its country and people down the toilet.  Israel elects a right wing murderer – Ariel Sharon.   Shrek came out he he he.  One of my favourite storytellers dies Robert Ludlum and of course ex beatles legend George Harrison. who can forget 9/11 and enron.  The year ended on a sad note and yet brought many countries together to help the States – who squandered it with their me / you attitude such a pity.  It was also the start of the official open demonisation of Islam – and trying to resurrect a holy war of centuries ago which israel jumped onto the bandwagon few years later  – why do they not say it when a catholic or hindu or whatever does a killing as that religious person?  Criminals exist in all religions.

2002 – Gujarat there were ethnic violence between hindus and muslims so sad especially as my aunts, uncles and cousins on my mum’s side live in India.  The Euro was launched on Europeans and caused a bit of panic amongst those who had put their savings in cash under their beds or other places hidden from the taxman – who of course in some countries ended up giving a tax amnesty so the money could be exchanged to euros.  Also the year queenie’s mum and sister died.  start of the wars in the middle east and brave Hans Blix refuses to be bullied into lying about phantom wmds in iraq.  Whilst the world is focused on sadam hussein our friendly neighbourhood ‘only democracy in the middle east’ takes advantage and attacks and kills innocent palestinians. Then those horrible pictures coming out of Russia when the theater in moscow was taken over with hundreds of hostages by chechens and then the strange chemical used – Illegal? – by the russians when rescuing the hostages.  Axis of Evil speech was spurted out by bush – mmm surpised he knows how to read must be the new chip imbedded in his brain working till it goes awry and the rest is bushism.  But great news the world cup was on and the sad news auld scotland were not playing in it though Brazil did win – i think.

2003 – division of europe on which side they stood fight an illegal war or not which also then caused those countries who rightly were against an illegal war problems.  slimy tony blair of course stood by his ‘willy’ bush and is now bearing out he would have gone in wmd or not – suspect he knew not such a slimeball yeuchy yeuchy yeuchy.  Went on an antiwar march in Glasgow – first time in my life – and was glad i did to make my stand but did it do any good of course not – who the hell elects the government to represent the people ?  oh i forgot once elected power goes to their heads and that is history.  Turkey and Austria refuse US troops using or going through their land – good on them illegal wars and bullies it all comes out in the end. Second Gulf War – my mum worked in Doha during the first one and i have her oxygen mask which was issued to all doctors working there.  The EU launches SMART – we’re going into space was the thought finally then our very own Beagle fizzled out.  It is illegal to drive and hold a mobile at the same time in the UK and al megrahi is sentenced – patsy by any other name.  The year ended with the capture of sadam hussein in an underground bunker – strange where life takes you with all its ups and downs.

2004 – Pakistan’s nuclear hero AK Khan is accused of selling nuclear secrets to the ‘axis of evil’ countries and the hero was under house arrest courtesy of the ruling despot.  spain had its own terrorist attack this time not the basques when their trains were bombed in madrid and israel continued its killing spree and says ‘precise killings’ when so many innocents are killed – yeah sure believe it like a fart in a confined space does not spread.  vanunu released – to what kind of life ?  City centre of glasgow had a wee blast from a plastics factory – what the heck is such a thing doing in a built up area why where they not moved to an industrial area long before?  Yasir Arafat funeral – such a shame he made as many mistakes as the Israelis and but to be treated like that at the end by his old enemy shows that until the USA actually stops giving any monetary or other aid to Israel no peace will ever be achieved.  26 December tsunami in asia – so sad our tears are with all those who were there and who lost so many loved ones.  guess who won us elections controversial again?  yep bush aaarghhh though farhenheit 9/11 was good – glad there are people like michael moore in the states to show that there are normal thinking people who are there not morons who rule morons.  Remember there was an ugly painting stolen in Norway – scream – yeuch.  once again the chechens struck this time a school.  And it was the year we had our first parliamentary meeting in a strange building – the cement would look better if painted but hey ho – which cost us an arm and a leg in edinburgh and there begins a new kind of history here.  Christopher reeve no more – strange how those who play superman have weird real life accidents.

2005 – war and more war and killings and more killings – strange how so many masjids have been bombed in iraq since the start of gulf war 2 – many believe it is outsiders not muslims as these are sacred places and it is rare throughout history to ever bomb or attack them.  Edward Heath died – faintly remember him from the 70s and in germany merkel enters and schroder leaves thereby changing the attitude of the germans from against an illegal war to supporting an illegal war.  london is next in line to suicide bombings and menezes is shot! What a debacle in the States with katrina certainly an eye opener for many who discovered that the americans have a several tiered society and the poor and black are ‘nothing’ – interesting.  Sure glad here at least if there is a disaster help is here by all no matter who you are. Israel leaves the gaza strip – cynics might say in preparation for an illegal war in dec 08 and more illegal ‘precise killings’.   maybe they should consider ‘peace begets peace’.  After the huge earthquake in pakistan which killed thousands – we decided to sell one of our pieces of land there and bought a building in lahore and adopted 25 young boys who had lost all their familes – to stop them from being taken for nefarious purposes.  They are being taken care of by family and friends.  Riots in Paris, france and Australia.  still out on the new version of war of the worlds but suppose cos i dont really like the lead actor that much.

2006 – the start of the now regular yearly dispute for gaz to the eu from russia via ukraine – that’s the problem with a monopoly you can do what the heck you want till the next giant arrives on the scene.  Mozart’s 250th anniversary – what a genius.   it was the year that the israeli sharon had a massive stroke and goes into a coma and hamas won a massive victory in gaza.   Freddie Laker no more.  ETA declares permanent cease fire – but guess what permanent is a relative word and they are still up to their old tricks.  This was the year also of the demise of Top of the Pops an icon of music -sigh – but we need to modernise and go on to the new.  Denmark loses lots of orders from the middle east for publishing cartoons which depict the prophet mohammed (saw) – it is illegal in islam to depict images of people.  We should respect each others religions and not antagonise each other – ‘respect begets respect’ and really does not cost anything but stubborness ah well …  which leads me to the israel – lebanon war whereby israel for the first time and to their surprise did not fare so well even with so much military power at its side.  i suspect this made them bitter and twisted hence their attack of gaza in december 08 – if you dont succeed why not hit a weakling to make yourself look powerful and successful.  Problem is this did not work and made more enemies, especially government enemies of israel – we all need a friend only having one main ally can make one weak in many ways and as history has shown the weak become powerful and the powerful become weak – if they were smart they would make peace long before the inevitable happens and this way they keep correct not by thumping and bullying the world to acquiesce to their way of wrongful thinking and bring up the old chestnut ‘anti-semitism’  mmm time to grow up methinks.  Big big news Aljazeera English is – started years before in doha where they are not cowed too much, though sometimes yes, by the west and their friendly arab neighbourhood countries – a breath of fresh air.

2007 – slimeball blair gone and girder gordie replaces him – what is the difference between them one is good at yackity yack and the other not but their policies for illegal wars etc are the same.  Plus girder gordie sold our gold whilst chancellor under the mr yackity yack.  Mrs Bhutto was killed – many say her husband was behind it and so mr 2% becomes new ruler of pakistan and continues musharafs policies of selling out his people.  How strange that the violence nowadays in Pakistan did not occur as much before until the US starting saying that the taliban are in Pakistan and must be destroyed and guess what it has come out that the bombings which many were so surprised about where done by Blackwater – surprise surprise.  Birth of the Iphone – so how great is it?  Personally i do not have one too expensive but hey ho its another device cant be that different from others by that much.

2008 – Obama elected – first black president ever and inherits crap economy, illegal war and so much more shit and so far – he has done one good thing brought in health for his poor people (dec 09 well first vote) but not after so much maneouvering against it by the drug companies.  Why cos then the americans would realise how much they are being forced to pay for drugs which  notonly cost a few dollars or less but also they are not interested in healing but making  massive profits to line their pockets bit like fatcat bankers. Israel he has failed in to bring peace and is now following in the footsteps of his predecessor – sometimes a friend needs to tell another friend some truth – open your eyes obama and see what is being done to the palestinians they are not all muslims but also christians – before it is too late and the holy land becomes a figment of ones imagination in a not too distant future.  be just not stupid.  Gaza is bombarded with illegal phospherous bombs and innocents killed willy nilly.  This brought out so much opposition that boycotts are being made against israel and not only that but people who had supported them now no longer do.  So many people left the highlands and all over scotland to go and help the people in gaza during the war and came back determined to help further and they have all kept their words.  Big obstacle has been the egyptian government who are just another outsourced arm of israel.  there are now calls to boycott egypt – hurray about time too.  Mugabe still rumbles on in his despotic destruction and killings. Somali pirates – who would have known that pirates still exist.  Lehman no more and the house of cards start falling until governments bail so many banks out leaving us the taxpayers owners of banks – where’s our share of the billions of interest?

2009 – Iran.  the scottish government made a brave and correct decision and let megrahi go home to die in libya.  Yemen.  Biggest scandal and very little remorse coming out our politicians their expenses scandal.  Unleashing of Putin, Blair and Bush.

In conclusion it was the decade of the demonisation of islam, an illegal prison called guantanamo was born, extraordinary rendition aided by countries worldwide, torture is made legal in the states by bush and his cronies.   And not to forget Al Qaeda and the seige of over a million people in gaza and the rise of peace activists worlwide (codepink and viva palestina)  who are now united in helping the palestinians unlike governments who blame them and keep silent at the atrocities committed by their ‘bestest friend’.  As we speak over a thousand are gathered in egypt and many are barricaded or surrounded by egyptian police – egyptians have a lot to answer for, whilst a peace convoy has been refused entry.  Press tv and aljazeera – both online have been showing what is going on there.

This conclusion is getting huge ! We sure can’t forget the election of the snp here in scotland though – good for us definitely.

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