the 'noughties' eulogy

one more day and we leave behind a very turbulent decade of illegal wars, ‘your with us or against us’, earthquakes, tsunamis, landings on mars, yes there is water on the moon, iran, and instability in middle east and asia. I pray that the next one is peaceful and enlightened. A quick look back at a few remembered highlights in no particular order of month but year is about right: […]

the great freeze

Drivers are being urged to drive carefully as it will colder and icier though not sure if it will snow but snow on top of ice is not nice […]

more snow and season of goodwill

It’s been snowing here all morning looks really great – will go out now and put water into the bird bowl as it has frozen over from last night and just check there is enough food for the poor wee things. Have’nt see the fat pigeosn for a while but a funny looking one turned […]

white christmas and forgotten roots

Snow white christmas blanketing scotland and season of goodwill but where is the goodwill in Palestine and Gaza where an aid convoy has been refused entry into egypt. So sad […]