The Syrian Patsy to teach another country a lesson – how machiavellian – an immune bush or two

It’s cold today in Glasgow and raining let’s hope the weather improves and we get warmer weather at least until mid-October so my bottle pumpkins can grow before the cold and frost start biting. End of next month will plant my garlic, leeks. onions and spring onions and maybe broad beans. The broad beans i […]

yikes all american phones tapped by foreign gov are BT phones in UK too ? – beans a go go

Weather in Glasgow has been cold today not going above zero but no snow to be seen. Notice that the broad beans i planted in November are growing nicely and the garlic too but the poor onions have been devasted not only by those blighters the snails and slugs but also the bad storm we […]

enough is enough - time to lift an illegal blockade, Palestinians have rights to defend themselves too

ROAR like lions and let your voices echo around the world louder than the silence that echos around the world from the world leaders when israel misbehaves. ROAR for the Rachel Corrie like you have never roared before on her way to Gaza even after all that has happened. ROAR until the blockage of gaza is lifted and the rights of the palestinians to live and defend themselves is recognised. […]