coldest winter

glasgow’s oldest building the Provand’s Lordship, which was built in 1471 and now a museum will close for a month undergoing extensive repairs. Cant remember if we have seen it or not? know it is very popular with tourists as it is ancient.

Oh forgot this is our coldest winter here in scotland since 1914.


liar liar pants on fire, arms for free

Really lovely day today and i was off sick – sore throat which i’ve been fighting off all weekend and fever.

anyway powell, our ex-democratic dictator’s (‘eDD’) right hand man – anyone ever heard of him or remember him? Well this man has now said at the Chilcot inquiry that he was at a meeting […]

coffins, facial expressions, ex-democratic dictator

snow is gone just remnants of dirty ice scatterd about where it had been shoveled to the side left. What a sad end to a lovely white cold stuff – pity it cant be washed with fairy liquid or persil or something else and come out clean and cold and white and layable as if […]