gridlock in glasgow – censorship has started against wikileaks

Took me 1hr45 minutes to get home today in the snow – very very slippery in town but by the time Queens Park was reached it was easier to walk on and I even almost beat the bus that had left 90 minutes earlier and I caught up with it 3 bus stops ahead – […]

Cos we can thump whom we want – erm or should we say how to lose friends using fastrack method

well glasgow has lovely weather just now – long may it last. Certainly won’t be travelling into the city centre this weekend as the motorway is supposed to be girdlock as they do work to upgrade the M8 in town aarrghhh.

Well listened to some American general the other day on the news being asked […]

the sorrow of pakistan

really lovely sunny weather for a week. today we had a lovely curry from the produce in the garden, baby courgettes, baby yellow gourds, runner beans, tomatoes, mint and potatoes – really really nice what a difference fresh produce makes.

The sorrow of Pakistan since its inception is tragic. For a country whose name is […]

fish and chips, sky news, mumbai bombings

Atlantic Fast Food in Coatbridge (Suburb of Glasgow – though they would not agree he he) has been named the best fish and chip shop in the UK. In the last three years a Scottish fish and chip shop has won. Yummy yummy. […]

the 'noughties' eulogy

one more day and we leave behind a very turbulent decade of illegal wars, ‘your with us or against us’, earthquakes, tsunamis, landings on mars, yes there is water on the moon, iran, and instability in middle east and asia. I pray that the next one is peaceful and enlightened. A quick look back at a few remembered highlights in no particular order of month but year is about right: […]