end of a tyrant killed by mob rule – nato continues it’s raids in libya mmm

Watched the mob as they dragged a wounded gaddafi – he seems to have been killed the same way he killed many others with no mercy – they say what goes around comes around. Actually glad they showed the gruesome pictures after the debacle of osama’s body being erm how did the americans describe it as – aaahh yes buried at sea – aye right – must have been a block of cement or some poor person or just a big fat fib. […]

cad cameron shuts down press tv – smacks of war coming our way

Not only that but Cad Cameron and his crony conservatives have shut down Press TV smacks of war on its way to a British soldier near you (no more of our troops should be sent to an illegal war) this time in a far far away country called Iran, but remember the conservatives did vote to go to war to Iraq in its entirety. […]