a false Nobel peace award – former presidents agreements not valid

Glasgow is much milder now and today the Scottish Government published on the commonwealth 2014 website a competition for all scottish students to enter and create a computer game relevant to the games. Prize is £2014.

A false noble peace prize awarded to the most pro-israeli president ever. Hopes so quickly shattered when the obamarama […]

liar liar pants on fire, arms for free

Really lovely day today and i was off sick – sore throat which i’ve been fighting off all weekend and fever.

anyway powell, our ex-democratic dictator’s (‘eDD’) right hand man – anyone ever heard of him or remember him? Well this man has now said at the Chilcot inquiry that he was at a meeting […]

2010 hopes and fears

Lovely sunny but freezing cold day in Glasgow as we awake to a new year and second decade of this century. Optimism does not seem to come up readily after watching the news. […]