The Syrian Patsy to teach another country a lesson – how machiavellian – an immune bush or two

It’s cold today in Glasgow and raining let’s hope the weather improves and we get warmer weather at least until mid-October so my bottle pumpkins can grow before the cold and frost start biting. End of next month will plant my garlic, leeks. onions and spring onions and maybe broad beans. The broad beans i […]

end of a tyrant killed by mob rule – nato continues it’s raids in libya mmm

Watched the mob as they dragged a wounded gaddafi – he seems to have been killed the same way he killed many others with no mercy – they say what goes around comes around. Actually glad they showed the gruesome pictures after the debacle of osama’s body being erm how did the americans describe it as – aaahh yes buried at sea – aye right – must have been a block of cement or some poor person or just a big fat fib. […]

2011 – Year of the North African and Mid-East Revolutions – or should we say regime changes

Glasgow is hopefully getting warmer can see the crocuses coming up – lovely yellows and purples and the bulb shoots have made their presence known springing from a cold winter into milder weather.

Well upheavals are afoot this year. Already we have had several regime changes in North Africa and the most bloodiest of all […]

Scotland Freezes as the Wikileaks heats up the rest of the worlds cables not sparing American blushes

Well Scotland is currently freezing looks like it will be colder than last year as it snowflakes have knotted together to cover the entire country in clean white snow. Causing of course as normal here school closures, traffic jams, wee accidents and total chaos. It wouldn’t be Scotland without all of that whilst the rest […]