frozen clyde, galileo, renewable energy, Galloway

It is so cold that we now have to keep the taps running very very midly – more like dripping so that the pipes do not freeze and then burst. But it is really lovely and crispy and cold. It is official we are almost as cold as the south pole -21 highlands and -22 […]

printers, snow business and gaza seige

Crispy cold morning did not even notice as am still trying to get the laptop and printer to recognise each other after six hours last night changing various settings managed to get the laptop to see the printer using the administration but it still wont print from documents or see the printer aaargghhhh – dont […]

Icing countrywide and rightous clashes

Like cake icing Scotland is blanketed with the cold white stuff, no not the stuff stupid people sniff up their nose – but of course lovely old fashioned snow. For the first time in more than 30 years, the Royal Caledonian Curling Club is about to confirm that a bonspiel (grand match), may be held on a Lake Menteith – a shallow loch. […]