2011 – Year of the North African and Mid-East Revolutions – or should we say regime changes

Glasgow is hopefully getting warmer can see the crocuses coming up – lovely yellows and purples and the bulb shoots have made their presence known springing from a cold winter into milder weather.

Well upheavals are afoot this year. Already we have had several regime changes in North Africa and the most bloodiest of all […]

fish and chips, sky news, mumbai bombings

Atlantic Fast Food in Coatbridge (Suburb of Glasgow – though they would not agree he he) has been named the best fish and chip shop in the UK. In the last three years a Scottish fish and chip shop has won. Yummy yummy. […]

liar liar pants on fire, arms for free

Really lovely day today and i was off sick – sore throat which i’ve been fighting off all weekend and fever.

anyway powell, our ex-democratic dictator’s (‘eDD’) right hand man – anyone ever heard of him or remember him? Well this man has now said at the Chilcot inquiry that he was at a meeting […]

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apparently an information gathering team from Future of Banking Commission will be in Glasgow on January 26. They will be asking members of the public what they think about how the banks about customer service to them and how the banks should operate. […]


Our prayers are with the Haitians – please donate […]