flower of scotland, persona non grata and illegal weed

In this year’s commonwealth games in Delhi in October Scotland’s national anthem will be Flower of Scotland. Then in 2014 they will be held here in wee Glasgow.

What a wonderful sunny day it was today in Glasgow again, cold but sunny – such a difference from the rainy summer. Good to see blue skys […]

printers, snow business and gaza seige

Crispy cold morning did not even notice as am still trying to get the laptop and printer to recognise each other after six hours last night changing various settings managed to get the laptop to see the printer using the administration but it still wont print from documents or see the printer aaargghhhh – dont […]

The wall of shame

Egypt is building a wall of steel along its border of Gaza – shame on you Egypt. Those poor people of Gaza will be slowly starved to death whilst you and your people and the rest of the world will be living comfortably, well treated and full bellies watching the slow death of a million people in front of their eyes of starvation. […]

the great freeze

Drivers are being urged to drive carefully as it will colder and icier though not sure if it will snow but snow on top of ice is not nice […]