stop picking on us you anti-semite - ah the poor diddums

The denials continue. the truth comes out slowly but surely about their activities and it will be people like you and me, the so called terrorists, who will be the downfall of Israel. As long as a nation is oppressed, a government maligned, and innocents killed we will stand by and go and fight in their cause in peace using our words and pens. Every nation beware we the people are up in arms and enough is enough. […]

twitter blocking #flotilla and #gaza use instead #freedomflotilla - protest any way you can let the world roar and hear your protest

death toll is rising over the raid – now it is 19 dead and 200 injured. Massacre The hate propoganda has started in Israel – first they said the ships were full of hamas terrorists then they said that they were fired on first then they said the ship was full of hate and the peaceniks were terrorists […]

Freedom Flotilla - innocent civilians massacred by Israeli animals

Under cover of darkness they came and start to shoot indiscriminately – the innocent civilians 100% of them were waiting eagerly for daylight and to get to gaza with much needed aid. This was not to be so, as the Israeli’s stormed and shot and killed and maimed the innocents. […]

freedom flotilla - 750+ brave souls on the way to break an unjust prison blockade

spread the news everyone – tweet it, facebook it, send it to your and keep our brave heros safe by making the mediaand public more aware of what is happening instantly. Sky and bbc and ITV and Channel Four – where are they? nowhere cos they are not independent per se but controlled by masters in a morally democratic despotic country in the middle east. […]