all the ministers and civil servants are now under Purdah until the election so means they cannot make any major decisions or any contentious decisions. SNP is who we are going to vote for but i dont think there is an snp candidate where we are unfortunately so it might end up being lib dems […]

clare oh clare - good old fashioned honesty

So today was the day of clare short – clare oh clare thank you for your good old fashioned honesty – well personally am glad she said our ex democratic dictator is a liar in her own words of course he he […]

coffins, facial expressions, ex-democratic dictator

snow is gone just remnants of dirty ice scatterd about where it had been shoveled to the side left. What a sad end to a lovely white cold stuff – pity it cant be washed with fairy liquid or persil or something else and come out clean and cold and white and layable as if […]