who are they kidding? are christians safe under the apartheid regime? free bikes in Glasgow?

rain is back – great for the garden and plants.

50 free bikes to ride on will be installed in Glasgow soon – wonder how long before they get misplaced or should i say nobbled/nicked/stolen or whatever. The bikes are made in Russia and it is to travel around the city.

So who are they […]

honest brokers

theme today is honest brokers why – well a businessman has been arrested cos he sold false bomb finding equipment to Iraq? because of him our troops die trying to unfuse the bombs what a bad man. Then the other is Egypt. Are they really an honest broker between the Palestinians and Israel? here are some facts: […]

white christmas and forgotten roots

Snow white christmas blanketing scotland and season of goodwill but where is the goodwill in Palestine and Gaza where an aid convoy has been refused entry into egypt. So sad […]