Mideast peace talks – farce – while the leaders talk gaza and the west bank burns

well today was not a bad day – bit of rain otherwise lovely weather. Almost the end of the growing season – beans are doing well and lots of tomatos. Glasgow is getting ready for the papal visit. But what an embarrasment some German cardinal made a very obvious racist remark about the UK – […]

freedom flotilla - 750+ brave souls - threatened by israel to board in international waters

Freedom Flotilla – from someone with contacts in the Israeli military, the following message has been translated. Commando units that will be used to stop the boats. He says they are highly trained, very efficient and very SILENT. They will use silent inflatable boats to get to our boats and both try to board our boats directly from the inflatables and by dropping divers into the water to clime onto the boats. This is the time to act now – or our brave souls lives may be be lost by israeli warship pirates […]

eco smeco - we spit on your face and know pigs can fly, healthy americans

so how is glasgow these splendid days – sunny, cold and rain hurray great for the garden. Chickpeas are growing and have planted Okra for sale – the flowers are really beautiful but only open in the morning till midday. Will plant black chilli peppers and yellow ones plus white aubergine – let’s hope they […]