a false Nobel peace award – former presidents agreements not valid

Glasgow is much milder now and today the Scottish Government published on the commonwealth 2014 website a competition for all scottish students to enter and create a computer game relevant to the games. Prize is £2014.

A false noble peace prize awarded to the most pro-israeli president ever. Hopes so quickly shattered when the obamarama […]

wikileaks – iraq war diaries – an illegal and repugnant war

Looks like it is going to rain again today in Glasgow. Everything seems quiet probably cos all are watching the Wikileaks press conference or reading through the documentation.

Iraq Diaries – these are leaked military documents and reveal claims of cover up by US govt during the Iraq War and the British gov. Iraq war […]

who do they work for? high speed rail link

as usual we are being left behind for the high speed rail link – being so far away from the south of england and for going to paris or brussels you would think that this would be one of the places for priority high speed rail links. Means commuting to London and back in a […]