dodgy elections

so one day and still no new government though looks like cameron could get in by using the lib dems, who are silly to accept any kind of coalition with them but stranger bedfellows have cooperated before. Heard that in one polling station that students were put into a separate line than others – sounds […]

1,000 days of blockade

what a beautiful sunny day – planted the chickpea seeds today – black and normal ones in the greenhouse. Still too icy cold to plant outside. Next weekend or later in the week hopefully will plant more seeds. The slugs are out i can see their slimy shiny trails all over – thought it was […]

who do they work for? high speed rail link

as usual we are being left behind for the high speed rail link – being so far away from the south of england and for going to paris or brussels you would think that this would be one of the places for priority high speed rail links. Means commuting to London and back in a […]

tax relief

apparently offshore companies who find gas off our shores will receive tax relief according to ‘darling’ to encourage more drilling to the west of the Shetlands.

london will be in lockdown for two days because of anti-war demonstrations let’s hope that the police do not kill anyone nor lock people in underground tunnesl and beat […]

neeps and tatties, cheap windows 7

burns night of course means – veggie haggis (not the animal stuff yeuch) and neeps and tatties – yummy and the old special wee timirous beastie. […]