Great Return March

Peaceful marches have been going on by Gazans for many months now as well as protests in the West Bank. All marches have been met by deadly sniper fire from the evil israelis. The world has been watching this slow genocide on tv and of course as usual the msm and the lying isralis have […]

bees a go-go

What with the lovely weather we have recently have noticed lots of bees and also lots of dead ones which is unusual.

we need to save our bees – plant lots of flowers, stop using pesticides and stop bricking up gardens by being lazy and not wanting to garden we are not helping our bees […]

Naylor Review – biggest asset stripping of the #nhs about to unfold

Please everyone watch the video below and read the Naylor Review before it is too late to stop the #nhs being sold. It incentives the #nhs hospitals to sell of their properties to raise money to run. Think about it initially they will sell and for every £1 they sell off they will get £2 […]

what the heck post office wants to know what’s in ur drawers erm packages

funny day today was cold no rain for most of today but as soon it got dark started to rain – let’s hope there is no black ice though not really cold enough for it yet. The greenhouse is now devoid of plants just about did dig up the sweet potato but put it back […]

Gaza Gaza don’t you cry we will never let you die

We are so blessed here in Scotland we don’t get bombed by the English or anyone else. Of course we have our own problems between the protestants and catholics but nothing like the poor people of Gaza are having.

The madmen of Israel have unleashed their serial killers with the acquiesence of USA, UK, EU, […]