Great Return March

Peaceful marches have been going on by Gazans for many months now as well as protests in the West Bank.  All marches have been met by deadly sniper fire from the evil israelis.  The world has been watching this slow genocide on tv and of course as usual the msm and the lying isralis have been calling it

  • riots (which it most definitely is not),
  • blaming hamas (who have not yet retaliated),
  • blaming kites (kites of mass destruction),
  • balloons (figure that one out),
  • medics for treating those injured,
  • babies and children,
  • anything that is alive in Gaza whether it be human or insect or animal or fish

In between times the israelis have shot into the peaceful protestors with guns, tank fire, entered Gaza and their tanks have destroyed schools, destroyed crops, bombed with planes Gaza to terrorise its inhabitants and to try to force them to leave and if they dont leave just kill and maim them willy nilly. Why Cos they can and know they will not be stopped.  They have america gripped tightly in their murderous hands and the west who give weak protests that they may as well just keep their mouths shut.


when they are shot in the thousands in front of our eyes ?

when the genocide is in the hundred of thousands ?

this is the way things are going and this is how it starts kill a few a day and maim hundreds, then a wee while later when there is no condemnation tens going up until thousands are gunned down. In the meantime maim those just standing around or praying by carefully pointing and shooting at arms and legs with exploding bullets so that their limbs cannot be saved.  The careful targeting of unarmed civilians shows a cunning and evilness only a serial killer can relish with voyeurs cheering him or her on.

we are reaching a point when not a few but hundreds will be gunned down daily just so that israel can take the land they are stealing.  What we need to ask is WILL THIS BE COMING TO US ARE PALESTINIANS THE EXPERIMENT AND WE WILL BE NEXT?

It is time we the people rise up and SAVE GAZA AND PALESTINIANS their and our freedom depends on it and our conscience will forever haunt us if we allow this to continue.

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