bees a go-go

What with the lovely weather we have recently have noticed lots of bees and also lots of dead ones which is unusual.

we need to save our bees – plant lots of flowers, stop using pesticides and stop bricking up gardens by being lazy and not wanting to garden we are not helping our bees to survive.

a major study has proved that neonicotinoid pesticides harms honey bees and bayer and sygenta who both make these type of pesticides are denying the report.  The irony is that both bayer and sygenta part-funded this study.

“The researchers found that neonics affected bees in different ways from country to country, with the impact of the chemicals more marked in Hungary and the UK than in Germany, where neonics were found to have no impact on honey bees” article here.

What is interesting is that now they are attacked the author accusing him of lying – mmm is that not the case when companies dont have things going their way so that people can be conned.

Also all the geoengineering going on in every country with aluminium and barium being dropped on us including other chemicals are also another cause of not only bee decline but strange illnesses in people.




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