Gaza Gaza don’t you cry we will never let you die

We are so blessed here in Scotland we don’t get bombed by the English or anyone else.  Of course we have our own problems between the protestants and catholics but nothing like the poor people of Gaza are having.

The madmen of Israel have unleashed their serial killers with the acquiesence of USA, UK, EU, UN and the arabs.  The toothless UN have brought out a propoganda statement blaming Hamas for its rockets and how said they are watching the israeli’s scared in their bomb shelters.  Nothing about the death and destruction in Gaza you can see who holds the cards in the UN – yep madmen of israel.

The bombing has traumatised already a traumatised nation who have nowhere to go in their prison.

My heart turns to stone when i hear the word Israel and my heart bleeds tears of blood when i hear the word Gaza.  A lot of this is also islamophobia and the old rule and divide so that all the assets in the lands can be stolen by the west forget about the natives they are just little nuisances to swat away.

The Gazans in their prison have proofed their courage, dignity and honour in fighting against the israelis and resisting and not being corrupted like Abbas and his crowd.  HAMAS IS NOT A TERRORIST ORGANISATION.  This should be shouted out by everyone in the world instead of all falling into the trap of propoganda initiated by israel and its ilk.

GAZA our hearts are with you and our lives.


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