those pesky syrian rebels – egypt a go-go – security lapses

Well Glasgow is cloudy today supposed to be sunny and warm let’s see.  Put the last of the chicken poo, can be bought at b&q in a large bucket on the courgettes and will need to find a good source of horse manure for the veggie patch to put over the winter so it is ready for next year’s planting season.  Last time the chappie came he brought it in a huge bag then ended up almost down the road cos we live on a hill – old days they used to dump it on the kerbside – better that way.  Noticed the potholes in the bottom of the road have been filled temporarily hurray was fed up doing the can-can on the road with the car.  Planted all of the bottle pumpkins and guess what all grew and are now flowering so may have tons of them depending on if the weather lasts until end of october.  Tatties are almost ready to be picked and their are neeps growing in the garden been two years since i planted them but looks like those pesky snails have eaten the leaves cos there are huge holes all over them yikes.

Ah those pesky Syrian rebels – now there is another huge chemical attack – bit strange that it happens right when the UN chemical weapons chappies are in Syria.  Of course they are blaming the government but why would a government do such a thing with the UN on their doorstep bit strange?  A bit like the army unit which was slaughtered and the Syrian government was blamed – why would you kill your own army unit?  very strange goings on in Syria

Egyptian army has ordered the release of the murderous Mubarak – looks like the arab spring is no more in Egypt as said previously Egyptians prefer the old dictator ways as they are used to it and still they are believing the propoganda that Muslim Brotherhood are terrorists.  Methinks they need to think deeply within themselves who was worst for them.

If anyone has a business remember when your employee leaves to revoke all passwords and delete the person from getting any access to your system once left unlike a travel company which did not and their ex-employee a  young Scots lad booked many many trips worth thousands of puonds and it took them six months to find out!  Lot of loss of money and what about reputation?

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