The Syrian Patsy to teach another country a lesson – how machiavellian – an immune bush or two

It’s cold today in Glasgow and raining let’s hope the weather improves and we get warmer weather at least until mid-October so my bottle pumpkins can grow before the cold and frost start biting.  End of next month will plant my garlic, leeks. onions and spring onions and maybe broad beans.  The broad beans i planted a few years back in the winter gave me a great crop the following year so may do so again.

UK parliament thank goodness did not vote for an attack on Syria – hurray for that even though they won by only 13 votes would have been more emphatic if it was a larger victory but hey ho small mercies are better than nothing.  Now John Kerry says that they will bomb Syria to teach a lesson to Iran and Hezbollah. Erm so they will basically destroy and slaughter civilians ie children, women, elderly and young men in another country to teach Iran and Hezbollah a lesson.  Funny lesson that.  So does that mean that if they are mad at the UK they will decide to bomb say Ireland to teach the UK a lesson!  So if I am not happy say with my neigbhour on the right and instead of addressing the problem with them with negotiations and lots of peace talks i should just bomb my neighbour on the left to teach the neighbour on my right a lesson ie don’t mess with me.  How Machiavellian. If that is the new law of the land we would all be doing it and there would be no checks and balances just chaos and gang fights but we have a judiciary and checks and balances to stop us from acting out in this way yet the western governments think they can do this in other countries and get away with it.  The consequences are too harrowing and horrific to even think about if they go ahead for what type of a world are we really living in.  The more there is of technology the worse the world becomes in it’s spying and authoritarianism and fascism really all under the banner of freedom and democracy.

Do they not realise that by doing so they have polarised the world even more into right and left and that by doing so they will cause an even large world war or do they think that nothing will happen as they will then cite Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc as their samples that this did not cause a break of war elsewhere in the world.  Methinks they are living in a naive fantasy world egged on by their dear master and controller Israel whom they trust so implicitly that even if Israel kills one of them they have automatic immunity and exemption from being prosecuted.

Forgot just read an article that the evil bush – instigator of the iraq war and false wmd has been given permanent immunity by obama.  Just shows what kind of government the USA has – definitely not fair and democratic now what would the founding founders have said? Here is the article Obama Gives Bush “Absolute Immunity” For Everything

Those poor Gazans what with their terrible blockade and shooting by Israeli’s on their people on land and sea now the Egyptians are shooting the poor Gazan fishermen who like anyone else in the world are just trying to make a living to feed their families.  Now I wonder where they got that idea from – must have been prepped well – where is super nanny when you need her a country starting with I in the Middle East needs treatment badly.


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