Egypt in cold blood sniper sniper – hatred out at the wrong outlet

Glasgow is awash with heavy rain today and some sunshine, garden gave us over three kilos of raspberries and a few courgettes  yummy.

What is happening in Egypt is so tragic and sad.  All the pent up hatred that the Egyptians have within them from the terrible and evil times of Mubarak and his henchmen, the hated and torturous police force, is now being manifested against the muslim brotherhood and those trapped in the Fateh Masjid in Cairo.  This is one of the most saddest and tragic happenings in Egypt.  To call the Muslim Brotherhood terrorists because they practice their religion and believe in Allah (God) and are not corruptible unlike those of before and the military and police and present regime currently and the Egyptian people who want them to be destroyed is so sad and mob rule is going on not the thinking of sane people but of those who have found an outlet for their hatred of old and instead of manifesting it against the people who did all those evil bad things they do it to the innocent.  These same people who cry for democracy and rights and peace what kind of peace and democracy is this?

The shooting on the Fateh Masjid minaret showed people firing from inside but the problem is that both the entrances of the minaret has been controlled by the security forces since the start of the seige and they have had access to the minaret right from the beginning.  So does that mean that by putting in their thugs to shoot out of the masjid they can justify their eventual  slaughter of those poor people in the masjid?  Most of the people in the masjid fled there from the violence yesterday on the streets and as the same time it was being used as a makeshift morgue.

Of course Washington and Israel are rejoicing in this as then they can control the Egyptians more tightly especially the army who get over 1.3bn in military aid and the Israeli’s of course know how to bribe well the Egyptians so they can get their way in stealing land and killing innocents.  Not only that both have been baying for the Muslim Brotherhood to be put under the terrorist list for so long because then they can justify their own killings of them. General Al-Sisi sold his soul to the devil for arms for aid and would rather have the deaths of thousands of innocents, on his hands, are like grains of sand to him and he has also been in constant telephone contact with israel every few hours since the brutality started and the police and present interim government.  Corruption within Egypt is rife and will continue as there is no such thing as democracy in Egypt. The people are so used to doing things which are wrong that they most definitely want their old ways back and not what is right that is the real tragedy of Egypt.  Currently the Israeli’s are lobbying washington and EU capitals furiously to persuade them not to condemn the interim government and military’s brutal massacres and slaughter – just shows you what type of country israel is – certainly not good in any terms and conditions pity super nanny has not been yet to teach them morals.

The elite in egypt hate muslim brotherhood because they are used to their prostitution, drugs, alcohol and whatever illegal activity and things which are clearly not allowed in their religion and they would rather have the blood of thousands on their hands and ban a movement because the muslim brotherhood are hard to corrupt and bribe.  These people act like the Pharoahs of old just plain and pure tyrants.

Snipers are rife in Egypt yesterday on friday whilst people were praying the military and police snipers were killing people during their Friday prayers.  How can those people who are praying peacefully be classified as fighters and terrorists?  Every day since the massacre on Wednesday where several thousand were killed and many more injured by snipers there have been more and more supporters of Morsi being killed one by one continuously with the present government saying that it is the fault of the pro-Morsi supporters who started it first even though evidence shows that it is the opposite.  What is even sadder is the Saudi government have stated they are backing the egyptian military and calling muslim brotherhood terrorists – does the last word sound familiar from two other countries who keep saying that?  What is interesting is that Qatar has stated the opposite and said reconciliation is important. So does that mean if the Egyptian interim government is arresting pro-morsi supporters that the 70% of the population who voted for morsi will also be arrested?  the military and interim government are insisting that what they have done is by the will of the people mmm?

Morsi was in power for one year yes he made mistakes and things cannot be repaired in a country overnight but he sure did not do what the mubarak regime did with their torturous ways but that does not mean he should  have been ousted in such a way.

For real democracy to happen then all the killings must be stopped and all sides must make concessions just like a marriage but for that to happen the brutal military and the police must be disbanded or at least emasculated asap and this will never happen as long as washington is backing them and israel too.  The real terrorists are the interim government, military and police with their thugs.  To call those who follow their religion correctly fascists is most telling of those in the government who know noting about what is real fascism and what is real islam.

what is quite interesting is that the Muslim Brotherhood was the social service of Egypt when it was under it’s brutal regime and they gave food, shelter and generally helped the poor who needed help and now these same people are biting the hand that fed them. Those regimes who support the brutal goings on should reflect on this in the months and years to come and keep looking behind their backs as what goes out comes around.

also what is quite interesting watching the press conference by the egyptian government how they have twisted their answers and made reality of what happened topsy turvy and put the entire blame on morsi’s followers that is so DISGUSTING and such LIARS LIARS PANTS ON FIRE.

just as suspected the christian churches which were burnt down this week and blamed on the muslim brotherhood was actually by the egyptian thugs, or should we say undecover egyptian security forces here is a an article about it Church vicar in Al Minya: the baltigya [thugs] burnt the churches not the muslim brotherhood

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