a very Egyptian massacre – islamophobia in an islamic country!

Oh no the rain seems to be back next week according to the weathermen let’s hope it is short lived or at least it is very warm and not cool cos my melons are flowering in the greenhouse and with a bit of rain and cloud and cool they won’t grow.  Though this year have had a bumper crop of raspberries so have made jam and am freezing too as in just two days have picked a kilo and still many left on the bushes.

Looks like the Egyptian revolution has turned into a massacre of blood and Islamophobia. Understand that the elite who were well looked after by Mubarak not only hate the Muslim Brotherhood but also the Palestinians so they are not only completely behind the military takeover but on the massacre and crackdown on the Palestinians in Gaza. Absolutely disgusting.  So all those people in Tahrir Square should be proud of themselves with all the carnage now in the county and  civil war on the horizon.

When the revolution first started in 2011 the Egyptian generals were in Washington and the Americans first said then that the Generals knew what to do they trust them. If you don’t remember go back and you will see it in reported press and other places. So this has now come to pass – slaughter anyone who is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, put on trial the former president for murder(!) all in the name of democracy.  What kind of democracy is that and the people of Egypt who lived under Mubarak think that the military is there friend?  The Egyptian army’s loyalty is to its best friend Washington who gives them the arms they crave.

These so called arms were used to massacre the Muslim Brotherhood last night.  They were killed one by one most in the head in the name of democracy what kind of democracy is that?  That is murder in any other name all so that the West can control Egypt and make sure no Islamic leader who follows Islam can ever rule.  Hence the CIA using every means possible to persuade the ordinary people that Islamic rule is bad for them and these to Muslims who idiotically follow the west as if it is their saviour.  Do they not realise that those in the west are also controlled under the name of democracy using PRISM and other means to control every aspect of a persons personal life.  Funny that as God wants people to have the choice to choose and follow him and does not want to control the mind of people as much as people want to control the minds of other people.  So sick.

Morsi was elected a year ago and instead of  being given a proper chance to do something good, of course he admitted making mistakes but who doesn’t, he was allowed to continue to make it look as if the democratic process was working – give him a year then massacre them all as they are Muslims who practice their religion.  The west cannot have that happening as they might not be able to control them as much as could all the other former corrupt leaders. In one fell swoop the US and Israel’s nightmares have been solved as  the Egyptian army have cracked down on Islam and Palestinians all in the name of democracy!! So now they can say that it had nothing to do with them all of this and they are innocent of all atrocities committed.  Yeah sure with both of them orchestrating everything in the background.

The IMF has stopped aid to Egypt but the US has decided to continue giving $1.5billion + $1.3billion to the military as they deem that the coup is not a military coup – bit of manipulation there of the truth methinks.

If you think that is bad what about all those poor Syrian soldiers who surrendered to the Rebels and were instead slaughtered.  The very same rebels the West is backing to get rid of the present incumbent.  So it is ok for the rebels to make atrocities as it is Western backed and they are not killers but good people but if anyone else dares they are murderers, killers and made out to be evil by the West.  Is this the kind of democracy in the West we really want worldwide or is the purpose to make sure that strategic countries in the middle east and north africa go into chaos whilst the Western governments in their machiavellian ways devise something which we poor people will not like.

Before it is too late we need to start questioning our governments and not rely on their ‘we are protecting you from a great evil’ erm what exactly? Should we not be protected from our governments who are putting into place things like PRISM and other devices to control our every movement and thought whilst pretending we still have free speech and thought when in actual fact that is far from the truth.


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