Hagel, zionists on buchanan street, to nuke or not we say no, and what animal did that come from

Today cut down part of the tree in the garden it is getting too large and unruly so decided to cut it down.  Used several handsaw which i borrowed from the neighbours and got one of them stuck in the tree and took ages to get it out so gave up cutting the tree for another day.  Looks rather rude at the moment you know the two finger kind but will need to wait now to cut the rest of it.  Yesterday cut down one of the large bushes and the honeysuckle as they were over grown and the bush was hiding the miniature cherry tree, so this way sunshine may let us have some cherries this year before the birds get to them. The onions have been munched down by our friendly neighbourhood slugs and the slug plant we bought last summer has lasted the winter outside with one or two slugs in it but probably not large enough to eat hundreds of them sigh.

Ah the horse meat saga continues with donkey meat now added to the menu and have they tested for dog, cat or any other animal, mind  you have noticed the cat population down in the neighbourhood since last year. Problem is that people want cheap cheap cheap and quantity quantity quantity rather than quality and slightly less.  Schools have banned beef since finding horsemeat in some of their tests.  Supermarkets are to blame as they squeeze out the local farmer by forcing them to lower the price so much that they cannot make any profit for themselves and end up going out of business.  Not only that but an ex boss of Tesco had the cheek to say that independent retailers should not exist only supermarkets aye profits for their shareholders and themselves, slave pay to the workers and no choice plus horsemeat or donkey or whatever in the guise of cheap meat meals. Yucky yucky yucky. don’t forget to ask where did the meat in this cheap ready meal come from really?

Was annoyed today as heard that the Palestinian stall on Buchanan street was in trouble from the police.  Nothing that they did at all just the lies of a zionist who complaint to the police that the stall was selling t-shirts promoting suicide bombing.  Never knew that t-shirts that showed victims of israeli massacres, flag of Palestine and map of 1967 borders of Palestine when did these images ever become t-shirts promoting suicide bombing.  Shame on the lying zionist and especially the police in Glasgow for not showing some common sense, honestly. So have heard that the Palestinian group who are all local Scots and who were shot by Israeli’s in Palestine and beaten up several times now have to re-apply for their license.  DISGUSTING  we don’t need no  zionists in Scotland.

Forgot Nablus has no more medicine to treat anyone and there is a 10yr old girl who needs cancer treatment desperately – once again israeli’s not allowing anything in and Egypt too.  Gazans need help desperately please  help them and those in the west bank too.

Interesting news here Hagel who was being appointed by obama for defense secretary has been blocked because of the israeli lobby – ah you may wonder why?  Well apparently he said a few years back he was elected to server the Americans not the israelis.  So what is wrong with that you may wonder?  As he is right American should be served if they elect someone no other nation should come first.  But as we all know the capital of america is tel aviv.  Surely one would expect if they elect someone in a country they would serve those people in that country rather than have loyalty to another country would that not be considered treason by any chance?

Americans will soon be droning their own people or should we say already started when they droned that american cop who killed other cops in california last week.  Interesting quote from obama “The rules outside of the United States are going to be different than the rules inside the United States” re drones.  Mmm a bit like there are two kinds of al-qaeda the good kind and the bad kind.  Interesting to see how the americans are all sleep walking into a dictatorship called democracy though they have been run like a dictatorship for years.

really cool rap video re gun debate in america very funny yet makes one think.

13 April 2013 there will be an anti-trident demonstration in glasgow and a weekend of nationwide demonstrations to scrap trident and let scotland be a nuclear free world. What is really annoying is that these nuclear deterrents are not here to protect us scots or brits but to protect the americans.  Now does anyone see a flaw in this by any chance?  Mmm let’s nuke the UK to save a nation across the pond never mind the millions who will be killed and our politicians allowed this deterrent to be put on our land to save another nation not their own – betrayal and treason come to mind never mind don’t we count are we not human?  Politicians should remember it is us who elect and vote them in, unlike the states where there are only two horses and no one gets a chance to debate in front of the nation in case the americans find out there are normal people who care about them whom they can elect.  So let’s all say no to nuke in scotland aye wee alex salmond is right to get rid of it – at least he cares about the scots.  Though hope he does not get hoodwinked by the israeli’s like the canadians and irish governments and take their side no matter what instead of doing the right thing and saying no to their killing and maiming and lying.


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