where’s the snow? Horse burgers anyone?

Still waiting to see when the snow actually comes so far a few dandruff flurries in Glasgow not enough to make a snowman never mind a snowball.  It’s almost February so garden season will be starting soon though those pesky slugs and snails sure have not been dented any bit and have eaten my onions which i planted in November so another year of no onions in the garden unless the ones i sneakily planted in the planter make it.

Next Year we will have the Commonwealth games here in Glasgow will be interesting to see how busy it gets so will start putting on a page of links for shoppers to buy Scottish goods – aye need to help the wee local economy you know it’s a bad bad world out there with so many redundancies a wee bit helps you know.

Must remember not to say 2014 commonwealth games oops have said it again here as apparently they are suing people – why surely we can talk about it and write about it?  Just thought wonder if any horse burgers were sold in the Olympic games last year in London as apparently only a few food places were there the usual instead of a good selection of smaller local UK food stalls which would have given visitors a taste of such great food that we make in the UK.  Suppose it will be the same crap food at the 2014 commonwealth games instead of great scottish fare at the same time giving people a job from their own businesses instead of foreign businesses. Maybe just call it the unmentionable games he he he.

Anyway here is a wee recipe to make your own burgers – 1kg chicken mince, a few cloves or garlic and small amount of ginger minced, 2 onions chopped finely, green chillies minced, 2 large or 4 medium potatoes grated raw – mix well make into burger shapes and grill or fry forgot add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil or other oil into the mixture.

Forgot the south of england like dorset and slightly up had a wee whiff of French stink when a french gas factory in rouen  which makes the smell put into household gas had a wee leak which came across the channel.  Suppose it was just to remind the english the french still exist.  Though you’re nae likely to forget them as hollande has stupidly gone into Mali aye they say it is islamophobic to stop Mali having sharia law ie they are cutting off the hands of thieves – what about the countries like America who have death penalties – etc but also more for the gold and other precious metals and minerals there.  Aye looks like countries are scaring anyone and any country daring to have their own religion except of course a certain country starting with ‘I’.  He is trying to persuade cad cameron to enter the melee let’s hope he stays out we are in enough false wars.  Aye wars which would put UK into danger though they are trying that for Syria etc and other places – the usual wmd stories are surfacing from him and his ilk.

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