War War War bomb bomb bomb Iran Iran Iran the warmongers are growing louder

Glasgow finally after so much rain has a day of lovely sunshine and lots of giant slugs and snails – yucky yucky yucky – suppose can always sell them to snail eaters am sure can fill several sacks for them and they have fattened up nicely this year from last year and this year’s non stop rain all summer.  There are even recipes for them or check out this slug and snail site http://www.yuckyslugsandsnails.co.uk .

Well we have had so much turbulence lately bit strange that islamophobia raised its ugly head around 9/11 and also around the time that the israeli warmongers were planning their television campaigns bullying  the american publc on who they should vote for.  Nothing like telling the americans who their real rulers are then is there?  Anyway around about this time a film extract was released with such cold calculation knowing full well the impact that this would enrage muslims worldwide.  Not only that but the UN is currently meeting with all eyes on the various war mongering speeches with Netanyahu branding Iran as ‘the most dangerous nation in the world’ – has he not seen his own country and government?  Funny how the Israeli’s know how much enriched uranium is needed for a bomb with their picture of one during Netanyahu’s speech – could it be because they have the largest arsenal of atomic bombs in the Middle East? mmmm what a secret when the whole world knows but they are only allowed to whisper about it.  dont dare become a democratic state in the middle east cos you will be torn apart by a certain country starting with ‘I’.  So if another country had declared war in such a way at the UN they of course would be boycotted, told to shut up, bullied and made a pariah and all distancing would be done but not for Israel – funny that isn’t it?

So the war drums are getting closer and louder now if it was something made by a muslim they would be imprisoned for inciting hatred and terrorism related charges.

Interesting article here about how the far right are exploiting islamophobia very reminiscent of what happened at the start of the 2nd world war – anti-Islam bigotry is becoming a key element of the revival of the far Right

Another interesting article again from counterpunch recently about Netanyahu and his bullying a certain country which they secretely own anyway about Netanyahu’s act of revenge, driven by an egocentric and bellicose Israeli Prime Minister, is being carried out in full public view ie he is campaigning to remind the grateful americans and make them understand that they do not have a real democracy but an israeocracy and that all the billions of dollars spent on Israel is keeping the americans who are now so many out of jobs, homeless, starving and beggars that they are being kept safe from danger.  Aye that i believe.

Here’s a wee ditty i just wrote:

tap tap tap bang bang bang

Netanyahu’s on a drumroll

the booming is getting louder

War War War War Now Now Now Now

Flush with triumph in picking a US president

the foolish Americans thinking they have freedom

Ah they don’t still understand their rulers are in Tel Avivland

With no super nanny around to stop them

Iran Iran they say with full flow

without thinking of armageddon

unleashed it will with their foolishness

All to our unwillingness

bombs they draw at the UN

simple and cartoonish

to draw attention to their foolishness

listened to by the westerners with adulation

Stop and think is all we say

rather than

bomb bomb bomb maim maim maim

to end a world in need of peace not fire power




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