land of pyramids – asylum seeker

Today was such a lovely warm day such a change from the last week but the ground needed the rain and now it needs lots of sunshine for the plants to grow.  Have been spraying garlic water on the plants to deter the slugs – take a few large garlic bulbs whole and boil in about 3ltrs of water for 20 minutes, strain then pour into a bottle and use diluted in a spray bottle – spray your plants to deter the slugs – am waiting another few weeks to see what the results are.

What a funny old world it is Egypt which is full of muslims methinks is definitely islamophobic.  The army encouraged by the Americans have taken control and taken all power so as to curtail and democractic process and the muslim brotherhood from doing anything democratic in the country.  Very presumptious of them to think that the country can only be run by secular dictatorial thugs and not another party even though they may be muslims may actually bring real democracy into the country and not the thuggery egypt is normally used to.  Wonder if it is to do with all the bribery they must have been offered in the way of arms and more arms?  No right minded person would ever want the old thuggery back surely unless they were truly masochistic – yucky yucky  yucky.  So is this the end of a dream of democracy in the country or the start of a civil war?  Only time will tell though it is such a shame not to allow another party a chance at least = is this driven by any chance by Israel as it looks just like the same treatment which was dished out to Hamas after their victory in Gaza?  So many Egyptians who are muslims don’t want to be rule under a muslim ruler how strange or maybe it is because they are so familiar with the oppression they would rather have that as it is comfortable to them and known unlike a different regime which is so unknown?  From reading so many history books on the middle east it shows that so many countries who were ruled by muslims actually protected the christains and jews who lived there.  Look at the case during the second world war they were not harmed by muslims in the muslims countries they lived in unlike in Europe nor did they live in ghettos surrounded by walls but with the society and had many positions of power.  So what does that say about the non muslim countries that they are intolerant to other?  Let’s see what happens in the land of pyramids and camels will they continue under an old regime or actually fight for something better for them and not a foreign country or will the old beatings and torture return even worse than before?  I truly pray that the army is dismantled and a democratic country emerges from all this mess though the years ahead will be tough but worth it in the end.

an interesting site on islamophobia worldwide the world is becoming manic about a religion and way of life which has survived hundreds of years.  Would advise to read about the religion and muslims and their way of life instead of  listening to the prejudice of others and to think about their own religion when they take something out of context.

How interesting julian assange has asked for asylum in ecuador – interesting to see if they grant it or are bullied into not granting it.  He certainly won’t get a fair trial in sweden who have sold their souls to the devil all under the guise of terrorism and security.  Well methinks that the terrorism that will eventually emerge in Europe will be from within their own ranks like the brevik chappie in norway and not the usual sources currently being touted by the media who are just a mouthpiece of the governments.  True independent media has been dead for years unfortunately.

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