yikes all american phones tapped by foreign gov are BT phones in UK too ? – beans a go go

Weather in Glasgow has been cold today not going above zero but no snow to be seen.  Notice that the broad beans i planted in November are growing nicely and the garlic too but the poor onions have been devasted not only by those blighters the snails and slugs but also the bad storm we had on 3 jan this year.

House roof is now done but the gutter is leaking like crazy you would have thought they would have repaired these too!  Not only that but the skip person broke the driveway so waiting for that to be repaired and we ended up calling the police this week.  The fly by metal thieves tried to take the scaffolding came in one white van and a large blue truck – yikes.  Scaffolding etc all gone now but apparently the felt roll for the roof has been stolen from in front of the house as the roofers came looking for it, why they could not have taken it when they finished i dont know!

well read an interesting article that American phones have been tapped and recorded by a foreign government – you’ll never guess which one?  Maybe a little reminder with some keywords may help = most moral army in the world ?  Yep Israel they have a habit of biting the hand that feeds them.  Apparently for  years a company called Amdocs, Inc. in the USA has the contract for all billing and invoices of phones in the good old USA and guess what it is run by tons of Israeli’s plus a company called Comverse Infosys has been suspected of installing a permanent backdoor into the phone systems of every American phone line and guess what it is Israeli.  Nothing like biting the hand who feeds you is it – take all those poor Americans hard earned cash for their own nefarious uses and at the same time cry that they are so hard done by.  Remind you of those ‘cry wolf’ stories by any chance?   So while all those poor Americans are dying of hunger and starvation or getting fatter with bad food and chemicals being sold to them to make them cheap the Israeli’s are reaping the reward of their sob story.  That is so shocking and disgusting not only that but guess what the news of any Israeli atrocities made against Americans on their soil or abroad is hidden from the poor Americans?  What kind of a government is that or should we say what do the Israeli’s have to blackmail every American with that they can get away with this.  Here is the article interesting reading and not only shocking but also sad.  What is interesting though is that they are implicated with lots of evidence with 9/11, the attack on the American navy ship in the Mediterranean where 44 Americans were killed, the killing of Rachel Corrie and other American activists trying to help Palestinians.  DISGUSTING.   Does Obama know that the Israeli’s are plotting to kill him and apparently they have plotted on others even the evil Bush’s father. Here is the article here.  Well as i say boycott Israel like South Africa was boycotted.  So Americans beware your phone is tapped and every word you say is heard by a foreign nation who also happens to be your countries best friend.  Do you need friends like that?  I don’t think anyone does.

Not only that but we should be careful here as our phones could be recorded by this particular country as BT uses Israeli companies to lay lines here in the UK and other things in partnership with BT.  So how many of us are safe now you want to ask yourself is this not disgusting and why is the British Government letting them get away with this or are they implicated in some sort of bad thing that they are being blackmailed by the Israeli’s?  Who knows but Brits beware BT is not secure.  So has a secret backdoor been laid at the same time by Israel?

I know that the European Commission complain that once a decision is made it is known by the Israeli’s within seconds of it being a done deal – so who is leaking and just shows you that we Europeans rights should be top of the agenda not a foreign governments.


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