sabre rattling a go go – tartan independence – 10 years of gitmo

well Scotland has had two gales within a month one last week on 2 jan 2012 and we had a wee leak well quite a big one – with mum’s ceiling falling down and both the greenhouses completely destroyed – if anyone sees some lovely sweet peas growing well hundreds of them then they’re my 600 seeds that got blown away.  The gales on the 2nd were worse than hurricane bawbag.  It felt as if the windows in the house would blow in – 91 miles an hour winds were recorded in the area that day!

Well the sabre rattling is continuing in earnest – the war drums are drumming in the west for WAR WAR WAR – and who is it now you may wonder?  Why of course how stupid yes it’s Iran that empire that refused to capitulate to the west and a certain country in the middle east – who of course is the only democratic country in the area.  Europe will be making a phased oil sanction ie waiting until those countries in Europe find another supplier of oil before sanctions begin more heavily.  Is this something that we really need all this war?  What is the difference between the evil Blair and his lies and the evil cad Cameron?  Nada, niente, zilch

the evil cad Cameron tried to force wee Alex Salmond to have a tartan referendum on independence asap. Oops what a wee mistakey he made cos it got up everyone’s goats and was told to stay oot of oor politics.  Anyway there will not be one until autumn 2014 – and on our terms not those imposed by a government who doesn’t care about the Scots only what they can take from us.  Good on ye wee Alex – a wily wee leader.

That shameful place under the guise of democracy to save it from terrorism or as we should remember Gitmo celebrates its 10 anniversary.  So many innocents imprisoned for nothing and at the same time preaching to the world about fairness and democracy so disgusting.  These poor people were tortured terribly and probably still are.  What kind of people do that to another human being deliberately?  That is not human but someone who is controlled by a ‘devil’ to do such a thing.  No morals no fairness nothing just cruelty and sadism.  No matter who does it and what country it is still cruelty and sadism all to keep their leaders in power and to show how strong they are.  Problem it makes you realise at how weak they really are when they use such methods.  800 people have gone through gitmo and still to date there are 171 left.  Shame on the americans who have lost their morality and soul to the devil.  No longer will they ever be perceived as a defender of human rights nor will the europeans – which is quite sad really.

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