1970s style oil prices coming to a warmongering country near you – charlatan olympics

well the supposed snow still has not arrived and the slugs are bigger than a giraffe on the compost heap – need to get lots of hedgehogs they would love our garden so much food choice.

Well if you have purchased an olympic ticket and have just given birth or about to just before you are stuffed cos  you wont be allowed in unless  you have purchased a seat for your bairn.  What a bunch of charlatans 0 aye as if the bairns will be sitting on the seats.  Give me a break.

Well now that the sanctions have been announced against iran which will bring an EU wide oil embargo from 1 July allowing greece to find another supplier – oh how kind and gracious.  Iran is the last of the countries not controlled by the USA and the west and of course Israel wants them destroyed so guess what we will be going to war soon for what?  What is even more disgusting is that Netanyahu has compared Iran to the holocaust and what happened to the Jews.  First Iran had nothing to do with the holocaust and to compare them to that atrocities is immoral and trying to stir up hysteria and hatred for no reason but their own idiocy and stupidity.  Here is the link to this not nice leaders comparison.

If you listen you can just hear the distant whispering rumbles of the drum beats – beating out war war war war – aye they are getting louder and louder as the days go by.  the Evil Cad Cameron of the Conservative party and his party have cited that Iran is a danger to the UK – in what way per se?  Did we not hear about the supposed wmd from before and guess what nada. Not only that but legal experts in the west agree that the EU oil embargo is a legal trigger for war in Iran by the west.  Is this something we want to happen in our name – more of our troops wounded in a war for oil and to gratify Israel’s psychotic paranoia.  Here is the link for the article talking about war and how the war games the states have been playing before the war with Iraq now makes sense as they were training for Iran all those years ago – that is so disgusting and immoral.  The so called leaders of the west who talk about democracy and fairness are just as immoral as those they eschew if not worse.

So expect to see oil prices hike up so much like the 1970s that we’ll all be cutting wood illegally from the parks to heat up our houses and cook our food.  Walking and no more car rides could be coming to a place near you.  If you dont know how to ride a bike now may the time to learn. dont forget to stock up on lots of candles.

Stop the War have a demonstration on 28 January 2012 in London – remember you the people of the world are the only ones who can stop your arrogant governments from going to war use this opportunity to show the soles of your shoes at them.  Aye nothing happened in Iraq but look at the evil blair who will employ him only the americans who are duped anyway by their government and given Fox News – a racist news programme that eschews racism and hatred of other religions and cultures which are not isrealicentric. Come on Americans wake up now before you all become like the people in the movie ‘idiocy’ where they were all very very dumb or should is say dumber than dumb well you kind of get the picture ?

Watched the first part of the apartheid series on south Africa on bbc 4 today and what is very striking is the similarities of the treatment of Palestinians by the Israelis now.  Now that is truly a shocking state of affairs in the 21st century.  Time to use same boycott tactics that brought down apartheid south Africa.  Don’t forget to speak loudly, not shout that is rude and crass, when seeing Israeli products in a shop that you are stunned that the ‘name of shop  you are in’ should stock goods from israel and that you will be certainly letting everyone know not to buy there or even touch ‘whatever the goods they are selling’ and do you not have another alternative.  Then walk out saying again in a loud voice for all to hear that the goods sold in the shop are made in apartheid israel and people should be wary shopping there.



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