gales and european passanger data agreement with US means DP is meaningless

well after a few days of snow then wind and rain we will have gales tomorrow – the scottish gov have warned that the bridges will be closed and there may be traffic chaos as the winds are supposed to hit about lunch time tomorrow – i pray my wee greenhouse will survive.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

Euro crisis is up in everyone’s minds at the moment but here is something just as interesting.  The European Commission and all the European Union countries have been shoving Data Protection down our throats making themselves look holier than though.  But guess what when it comes to our personal data and the USA then it means *dipshit*.

All those so called leaders and meps and mps speak with forked tongue saying to, us, European citizens your personal data must be secure, we will ensure it will be and will be sacrosanct.  Then on the other hand they sell it down the toilet to the States.  Yep during the negotiations of the passenger data being sent to the States of all Europeans who travel to america – notice it is of course a one way traffic here – nothing coming from the states here – just all going to fortress USA – the ministers who negotiated this agreement had to sit in a room on their own and read the agreement.  They were not allowed to discuss it with anyone so where is the democracy?  What secrets are they hiding from us the Europeans who pay their high paid jobs to support us and take our priorities and needs first?  An interesting article about this was from the Euobserver  about the secrecy and the shenanigans being rubber stamped under our name in the guise of security.

So where does that leave all data protection and our rights?  If we cannot trust them to secure our data and make sure such an agreement is not made, one way only, and to our detriment how can we trust them with anything which impacts our lives, security and personal data in other matters?


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