sunny glasgow today and looks like snow tomorrow?

yep it was a lovely sunny day today both in glasgow and edinburgh – did not get a chance to go out into the garden as we had visitors and then had to pick up mum from edinburgh airport.  The drive is really lovely even via the motorway and for once we did not get lost going or returning which is a miracle.

Could be snow tomorrow or lots of rain with some snow showers but as the weather stations usually get it wrong will believe it when i see the snow though it has turned quite chilly – will cut the roses over the next few days then if it continues cold.

Read today that the radiation found at dalgety beach is not being investigate cos the MOD experts refuse to go near it in case it causes them cancer so my question is what do they know that the rest of us don’t?  So does that mean that if there is a nuclear disaster, God forbid, here in the UK that the MOD experts will not investigate but cry danger?  Erm yes there is danger but as experts surely they should do whatever they have to do to clear it up etc?

the london protests yesterday in support with the anti-wall street, anti-greed etc movement was not reported yesterday on tv even though their was not only violence during it but also the police used kettling against the poor wee demonstrators.  Though it was shown on the Russian TV and also reported on Press TV.  Me i’d rather watch what is going on in the UK than a stupid trial about Michael Jackson which is getting very tedious on Sky News.

Am certainly relieved to hear that if  anyone does decide to climb Mount Everest that there will now be a toilet installed 17,390 ft up in the base camp – a portable one though but surely that is what is currently being used something portable in barrel?  Surely the poor porters will still surely have to carry the contents down unless some kind of sanitation thingy is used so that it is treated immediately?

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