international occupy protest in 80 countries

glasgow this morning was dry but by the afternoon there was rain – so no time to do some gardening err more like trying to build a wee wall as it started to rain not only that but parts of the city centre had no water cos of a burst pipe – there are so many in town that all you need to do is take a wee bus ride and guess what lots of flooded streets cos of burst pipes.  the other thing is that the gutters taking away the rain water are blocked so that makes matters even worse.  Time that the rain drains were unblocked regularly by who ever is responsible.

Forgot to say the other day that the German public   are in a stushi cos it has been revealed by a computer hacking group called the Chaos Computer Club that the German government has been spying on Germans Skype, hotmail, gmail, etc accounts by a stealth trojan spying software programme called r2d2.  what it does is it logs keystrokes, can capture screenshots and also activate cameras and microphones.  So how many other governments worldwide are using this type of software illegally against their own people and was this the reason why Blacbkerry went off for four days even though their party line was first it was a switch problem then it was a blockage a bit like a sewage pipe blockage which spills and blocks everything ?

Today was the international day of occupy demonstrations and in london the police kettled the protestors again, in rome it turned violent and police used teargas and water cannons, japan was relatively quiet and in the states many were arrested. There were even in protests in berlin and these were peaceful.  They say this is only the beginning – interesting to see how this pans out and how many get waylaid on the way.

As mentioned the Americans are on the warpath and their trajectory of course is Iran so today iata has banned all iranian civilians planes so the dirty scheme to persuade the world to go to war with iran and to rope the despotic idiotic saudi’s into their plot was of course the mexican and the american irani with a planted fake bomb.  Do we really need another war?  Cad Cameron of course will do as his predecessors did before and follow blindly everyword and action of those neocons across the pond – do you think if they asked him to fart loudly in public he would?  methinks yes.

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