end of a tyrant killed by mob rule – nato continues it’s raids in libya mmm

well glasgow has certainly been having coldish rainy weather and more on the way – certainly looks like winter is here so will need to make time to put bubble wrap on the greenhouses – have been saying that for several years but still never managed to do it eeks.

Watched the mob as they dragged a wounded gaddafi – he seems to have been killed the same way he killed many others with no mercy – they say what goes around comes around.  Actually glad they showed the gruesome pictures after the debacle of osama’s body being erm how did the americans describe it as – aaahh yes buried at sea – aye right – must have been a block of cement or some poor person or just a big fat fib.  What is interesting whilst libyans celebrate freedom dear old NATO, remember them the killers of peace and bombers of innocents, will continue their sorties killing more libyans until the end of October.  Their mission was to free libya and get rid of gaddafi now that the old tyrant has been killed surely the mission should be over.  Sounds familiar ?  Iraq come to mind or even Afghanistan anyone?  Would say the west is relieved and the oil companies that he is gone – too many skeletons would have been let loose.

The occupy movement have been once again beaten up in the states and the people in st pauls cathedral are still there good on them.  But what is interesting is the fact that the church has closed allegedly for safety reasons and guess what it’ crypt is still being used for conferences and meetings – people apparently enter through a secret underground entrance.  So what political game is the church up to there?  Methinks something is afoot.

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