demise of an old fox or just gone away for a wee while til hoohaa dies ooot?

Really lovely and warm day in glasgow today and we are in mid-october though they are saying that snow is on it’s way in november.  Did get a friend to finally make holes in our wee handkerchief sized pocket of grass, with shoes especially designed for them.  Well they were so huge even for him though it says one size fits all – not only that but very difficult to use so let’s see how the lawn does over the winter.  Lemon tree is giving lovely lemons – brought it into the house and also all the chilli plants are doing really really well so lots of chilli’s over the winter then will put out next spring/summer.  It is a perennial though we use it here as an annual because of the cold weather.  Not only that but noticed today that my dragon plants are beginning to flower now eeeks just before the frost takes over.  it sure has been a funny old summer.  Next year will try the pitch plants that eat slugs and snails though am always conscience of the fact that introducing a species from another continent may cause havoc and other unknown tolls on the environment so may not will read more about these plants first though.

So latest news is that Liam Fox has resigned because of using his best friend as an advisor illegally.  Not only that but his friend has been lobbying for the Israeli’s where ever Fox went as the friend was funded by a corporate intelligence company(G3 Good Governance Group) and the chairman of an Israeli lobbying organisation Bicom all under the guise of a company called Pagav Ltd which was set up as a not for profit company!  Sure doesn’t seem that way as Liam’s wee friend sure profited out of it to pay for all his trips.   Apparently many of those who did bankroll Liam’s friend were asked to do so by Liam himself for the sum of £35,000 each.  What we should be asking is did he resign cos he may have gained some monetary gain out of it somehow? What mischief will emerge in the long term from his and his friends dealings? Certainly looks like one of those ponzi scams that could have got worse and worse and tainted many who donated innocently if it had gone on.  So what else will we find out of this affair.

not only that but another of those bumbling rich wee tories dumped his papers into a bin in a park – erm where’s the security, data protection, confidentiality gone in a puff of binness under this one wee act?  Are the tories really all bumbling idiots and it is slowly emerging for all the world to see ?  Just remember dont send any secrets to oliver letwin cos they may go slightly stray in a bin near  you.

what is quite interesting is the fact even though we are in a downturn lots and lots of innovators are creating so many things to save energy in many varied shapes and forms.  Seems the more we are going down as an economy the more they innovate not bad actually pity there are not more in other industries too cos it will bring so much jobs and positiveness to the world instead of the inventions of all those war mongers who only bring death and destruction and depression to the rest of the world with their innovations.



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